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October 17–20, 2024

Schloss Hohenroda
Hessen, Germany
(~ 1h from Frankfurt a. M.)

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2023 Review

After 3 days of spirited gaming and conviviality, the “1st edition of the most advanced convention ever”, the Cauldron 2023, has ended. Maps were drawn, dice rolled, flanking bonuses applied and bread broken. We, the organizers, are thankful for all the people who provided all essential ingredients for our brew: players, DMs, helpers, friends and family.

If you want to read what some of the participants had to say, follow those links:

Some of the hosts of Cauldron 2023 have also recorded an audio after action report:

Finally, feast your eyes on selected and fleeting snapshots from the action in Hohenroda:

The auction table with a stack of roleplaying books A table with various roleplaying accessories on it, including a Cauldron dice bag Cauldron participants standing around a battle table, playing the Battle for Safeton A colorful selection of felted fairies lined up for sale at the candybar Standing tables with flyers and a Nexus flag A roleplaying game session Distance shot of Schloß Hohenroda viewed through colorful leaves.


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